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We are a team with experience
in Consoles, Mobile, AR and VR Games



The Start

Our story began in 2016 when the love for game art was all over us and we started thinking of going our way. A bunch of like-minded and passionate young professionals joined hands and never looked back since.

The Team

Long-term business success depends, above all, on the quality of the team providing the leadership, direction, and vision. We are one such. All of us have a solid education foundation and a strong passion for furthering projects. Our team consist of experienced artists who have worked on games such as Red dead redemption 2, Forza 4 & 5 & 6, Forza horizon series, Skater, Kinect, Star   Wars,   Drone racing simulator, Frontline, Commando D-Day, Operation flashpoint, F1 2010, Prey 2017, Valley. We are quite intimate with the industry-standard pipelines and workflows. We adapt to new pipelines promptly.

What We Do

Wrinit helps companies by providing high-quality art services to their games to realise the vision and bring it to life together as a team. Wrinit is a team of small but powerful, self-driven and passionate game artists waits to explore new opportunities and stay at the cutting edge of innovative service provision and product delivery.

Join Us!

We are always on the lookout for talented candidates who are driven by passion and motivation.

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II, Infinity Impresa, Kochi, Kerala-682020, India.  

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