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3D Art Outsourcing Studio


From concept art into reality, we offer you top-notch art services including environment art, character art, props, vehicles, and weapons for Consoles, PC's, Mobile,VR games.


A 3d art outsourcing studio
you can trust!

Wrinit is a game art outsourcing studio that offers high-quality art services to companies for their Games/ Simulators/ VR/ AR projects by providing High poly/ Low poly 3D Models, game items, environment art, characters, and Vehicles.
Our dedicated team offers you the best and professional work at a cost-effective and timely manner. 
Our team consist of experienced artists who have worked on games such as Red dead redemption 2, Forza 4&5&6, Forza horizon series, Skater, Kinect Star Wars, Drone racing league, Frontline Commando D-Day, Operation flashpoint, F1 2010, Prey 2017, Valley,XIII.etc

Looking for an outsourcing game art studio for your next game.? 

You can count on us! 


All artworks in this website are copyright of  Wrinit Games

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Highly Talented team

Our artists are highly professional, well experienced, dedicated and closely follow industry-standard pipelines and workflows to provide the best quality art assets using the best graphical programs.

Cost-Effective and Quick delivery

We provide our services at an affordable rate. Have a complete dedicated team or a one-man army for your projects. We assure you with instant updates and notifications on your project status and provide you with On-time delivery.

Confidentiality and Feedbacks.

We assure you complete confidentiality through a non-disclosure agreement. All our productions/services are reviewed and supervised by our experienced lead artists and are provided to you on time with a minimum of feedback/reviews.

Free Art Test before you commit

Want to have a try before committing?

We offer a free art test for you to decide, before committing with us.



"We have worked with Wrinit several times now and the work they deliver is without exception always of the highest standard possible and in line with our direction."


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