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Environment art

Environment artists at Wrinit Games are experts in working with all kind of terrains and styles. We can take any small idea or a rough 2d sketch to 3d environment optimized for any platforms. We always care about the polycount and texture usage while creating a big environment to make sure that works well on the required platform.

We're not always a fan of the awesome concept art we believe in making it work in-game. We've been through many challenges in past and we are ready to take any new challenge which makes the environment or the asset standout.


Asset creations


Our props artists really enjoy assets with different art styles. We always make sure to use the latest software and technologies to make sure our approach is efficient. 

The team has experience creating of hundreds of AAA quality assets for games with many different art styles

All artworks, content, animation, text and any other material in this website are copyright of  Wrinit Games or that of our clients. Any usage of the materials in this website for any purpose is prohibited. ©2018 copyright by Wrinit Games. 

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