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HD/LD Modelling

HDLD Modelling.jpg

We create high definition models that are ideal for next-gen games. We are experienced in making the art from photo references, blueprints, concept art without any compromises.
Our artist will always follow the principle of keeping the right polycount for assets depends on the role in gameplay.

Vehicle modelling


Our artists enjoy most when they get a chance to work on vehicles. We will make sure not to miss any interesting details in the model. We enjoy working with blueprints, concept art, references and even from a rough scribbles or descriptions

Digital sculpting


We understand it's essential to have the sculpting skill to make any next-gen assets standout with baked normal map details from highpoly mesh. We use this technique for many purposes. 3D printing, character detailing,  Terrain sculpting, normal map creation.etc .



We always make sure to use the fastest methods while working on the highpoly,retopo,Uvs and bakes.

Wrinit 3d team has a lot of experience and understanding of creating optimized models for AAA games with many different artstyles. You can expect us to understand any technical term related to modelling for games.

All artworks, content, animation, text and any other material in this website are copyright of  Wrinit Games or that of our clients. Any usage of the materials in this website for any purpose is prohibited. ©2018 copyright by Wrinit Games. 

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